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Norton vs. McAfee


Norton vs. McAfee the battle of the two antiviruses which one provides better protection to our devices. Both are the best player in the antivirus software field. But the question is which one provides high-level security with the maximum feature. So in this article, we will be talking about the difference between Norton or McAfee antivirus. And by the end, you will be able to choose one which is the winner of this battle.

Norton and McAfee pricing package comparison

We all know that time and money is the most important part of each person life. All the time people can find the best and cheapest price product. Because user with less technical and low economic background are prone to become victims of virus attacks and get their data stolen from cyber-thief. They did not afford an expensive application such as antivirus and VPN to get the extreme protection which they need. So we will show you the various price plans for both Norton and McAfee.

Norton and McAfee features comparison

Many companies offer antivirus and offer everything from a cloud storage feature to manage their account passwords. And some of the venders are providing VPN coverage. We will give you a full comparison of features  to both  Norton and McAfee are given below:


Norton antivirus software is one of the dynamic applications worldwide. They offer a wide range of features while performing excellently and remove all kinds of viruses with the best services & support. Norton offers VPN facilities to keep the user online information safe and private. Cloud storage data backup option and a password manager.  Some of the Norton 360 package features are given below:

  • Complete protection from malware, spyware, ransomware,  and other online threats with a dedicated firewall.
  • Norton Secure VPN gives you 10GB bandwidth coverage and several IP.
  • Password manager to handle your password.
  • Norton safe cam feature offer against malware that tries to obtain access to your webcam.
  • A safe web protects your device from an unauthorized website. They find website details before you open it. And give you all the information about the particular site.
  • Real-Time protection scan and remove the virus when you use your device without giving you any type of alert.
  • Automatic backups
  • Smart firewalls help to blocks cybercrime site and other unauthorized traffic, while it allows authorized traffic to pass.



Many of the best key features are McAfee provides that make the antivirus service best from another one. You can use McAfee free trial before buying it.

  • Home network security helps to safe your WIFI from hackers.
  • All kinds of viruses protection they provide.
  • A safe web browser helps to forget to open most harmful sites which can harm your device and infected from malware.
  • Encrypted storage offers you 120-bit AES encryption.
  • Performance optimization features minimize the bandwidth usage and block advertisement which can autoplay in your device.


Norton is succeeded in the popularity contest but it is a little bit expensive but they offer many of the best features with excellent services & support. McAfee has an affordable and far-reaching pricing plan you can use this antivirus for your home devices. Norton is a winner of this battle by its better user interface and popularity.  but if you want antivirus in cheapest price so McAfee is not bad for you because both are giving the same protection. So this is the final result of Norton vs McAfee.







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